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Posada Nativas & Guesthouses & Other Accommodation Options

We've mentioned already various hotels in Providencia Island, but there are plenty of other options in addition. Here's some tips and advice about other places to stay, plus contact details (add 0057 if calling from abroad). You can find photos and extra information (in Spanish and English) of almost all of these posadas on the website

Remember that many of these very small posadas or guesthouses consist of local people simply renting out a few rooms in their house - if you're on a tight budget, you'll find Providencia's cheapest accommodation via such places.

Posada Nativa Sunshine Paradise - 2 room posada with a peaceful location overlooking the Bay, on Santa Catalina Island. Tel: (8) 514 9031 or 311 227 0333.

Mi Casa en Providencia - accommodation for up to 30 people, 10 minutes walk from Freshwater Bay. Tel: (8) 514 8188 or 311 390 6742.

Sunset Hill - a simple guesthouse with a few rooms with sea views located a bit of a walk North of Freshwater Bay. Tel: (8) 514 8955 or 315 303 4208.

Nuevo Horizonte - just 5 rooms not far from Freshwater Bay. Tel: (8) 514 8361 or 311 550 7277.

Mr Andral - a handful of rooms not far from Freshwater bay. Tel: (8) 514 8366.

Enilda Chamorro - a small guesthouse with bright, clean rooms found about 1km inland from Playa Manzanillo, to the South of Providencia Island. Tel: (8) 514 8896

Miss Rouse - a very simple, rustic place close to Allan Bay (which is North of Freswater Bay). Tel: (8) 514 8327.

Miss Vicky - a simple guesthouse with just 2 rooms not far from the beach at South West Bay. Tel: 313 442 7408.

Miss Lupe - 3 rooms at this guesthouse in South West Bay. Tel: (8) 514 8327.

Santa Catalina - found on Providencia's neighbouring little island of Santa Catalina, there's six rooms in this guesthouse. Tel: (8) 514 8392.

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